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Pyschological Evaluations, Divorce, and Child Custody

Counseling-Mental-HealthIn divorce and especially child custody matters, psychological evaluations are a tool that your attorney can utilize to determine the mental well-being of a child's parents.  Unlike any other type of case, divorces involving child custody are special in that respect.  Psychological evaluations can pinpoint mental illness that may make a parent not suitable to have physical full time custody of a child.  Behaviors that may put the child at risk for neglect or abuse can easily be detected in a psychological evaluation. 

As far as the divorce or child custody cases are concerned, a psychological evaluation can be a useful too to negotiate a settlement if it yields issues that a parent may be better suited than the other.  Psychological evaluations are typically performed by a licensed psychiatrists with tests and evaluators that are not available to other professions.  Attorneys faced with difficult child custody cases often request a psych eval to determine if their client or the opposing party is masking some mental illness or issues that would affect their ability to care for the child.

Most parents are amazed that they may be forced to sit for a psych eval.  Some cite their constitutional rights to examination are being violated.  However, when child custody is at issue a psych eval can easily be ordered.  Scrutiny of a parent's mental state is always available to be explored during child custody cases.  If you feel that the other parent is not mentally capable of caring for your child during times of visitation, it would be good to ask your attorney to file for a psych eval.  You will need specific instances of when they demonstrated a behavior that suggests issues with their mental health.  If you think you may be involved in a child custody case whether divorce related or through a DHR case, you should consult an attorney immediately.  Call today (205) 623-1001.  Do not go without representation. 

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