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Divorce in Alabama

An Alabama divorce can be by agreement or it may be contested. The attorneys at our Birmingham Divorce Firm are here to assist you in your divorce. Call us today (205) 623-1001.

Divorce by Agreement or Uncontested

This type of divorce occurs when both parties agree on every issue. As long as both spouses have reached agreement on their property settlement, child custody, child support, visitation and all other areas of the dissolution of their marriage, this type of divorce is available to them. In sum, they must be in agreement on every issue.

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Contested Divorce

If the parties are unable to agree on issues within their divorce, it is called a contested divorce. In that case, a judge will decide how the divorce is structured based on current Alabama law. In Alabama all divorces are decided by judges. There are several steps in a contested divorce before the final order may be received. Our Birmingham Divorce Attorneys are here to guide you through the maze of your divorce. Call us today (205) 623-1001.

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Grounds for Divorce

There are several grounds for divorce available to citizens of Alabama. The most common grounds are based on incompatibility such as irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. This is a no fault basis. It allows the couple to be divorced without blaming either for the demise of the marriage. This is also the most common grounds for divorce. This is the simplest basis for an Alabama divorce that is available.

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Marital Assets

In Alabama, the court’s discretion determines the division of marital property. The family home, retirement plans, other real estate, investments, and business interest, and joint debts are included in this category.

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Support for Children

Child support is usually a hot topic in any divorce. However, it is a parent’s responsibility to provide for support for the minor children. Child support is typically calculated through the use of a chart and guidelines set by the laws of Alabama. The Alabama Child Support Guidelines take into consideration the needs of the child coupled with the incomes of the parents.

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Child Custody

Custody of the children is very important in any divorce involving children. The parent’s ability to continue to have a relationship with their child is paramount and can have lasting influence on the children as they grow into adulthood. The parent who is awarded custody is the primary caregiver and the other parent becomes the one vested with visitation. This area of family law is ever changing and evolving. There are custody plans that allow for each parent to spend equal time with the children and protect that parent-child relationship. The old ways of custody and visitation can still be found but progressive lawyers who practice in divorce can find a way to get a more suitable parenting plan for each parent. Our attorneys at the Birmingham Divorce Firm can assist you in protecting your time with your children despite a divorce. Call us at (205) 623-1001.

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Other Areas of Divorce

There are many more areas of divorce that our attorneys will be happy to go over with you during your consultation. We devote each hour of consultation to your specific needs. If you are in need of alimony or spousal support, our attorneys can give you details and information regarding your specific needs. The division of retirement funds is an area of divorce that can provide for your financial future in the event of a divorce. Let us assist you in finding real solutions and answers during your divorce. If you are involved in a divorce that includes asset division, you need to have an Alabama Divorce Attorney give you guidance that protects your rights. Our attorneys will help you in every area of your divorce. We take great pride in our ability to keep you informed and keep the uncertainty of divorce at a minimum. Call us today (205) 623-1001.

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Collaborative Practice in Divorce

Collaborative Practice is becoming a household name in Alabama. This ground-breaking process provides parties going through a divorce a more personalized resolution in divorce. Individuals who desire to write their “own divorce story” that minimize the harmful effects of divorce can find resolution in a Collaborative Divorce. With the assistance of a collaborative lawyer and professionals a divorce can be reached with a higher goal that is future oriented. Our attorneys at the Birmingham Divorce Firm believe in the Collaborative Process and make it available to our clients who wish to proceed in a more amicable divorce. Call us today to learn more about Collaborative Divorce (205) 623-1001.

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