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Alabama child support guidelines provide an amount for child support based upon a number of factors. The calculator factors in health insurance premiums, child care, and any alimony or child support from a previous marriage. Although the calculated amount is not set in stone, it is generally accepted by the court unless there are conditions that may necessitate greater support. For example, if your child is medically fragile or has special needs, that amount may be modified to take these needs and relevant costs into account.


Although these child support guidelines exist to help parents calculate a fair amount of child support, some couples may come to a different agreement. If both parties agree with the amount of support, it is generally approved by the judge.



Changes in situations may necessitate a modification of child support. An increase in day care expenses or health insurance premiums, the development of a medical condition, or a change in income for either parent may be a reason to reassess child support obligations. If there has been a significant change in any of these areas, it may make sense to return to court for a child support modification. It is important to understand that modifications in child support must be made through the court. Although both parties may agree to a greater or lesser amount of child support, unless the Decree is modified by the court, the initial Decree stands. Perhaps you lost your job and the mother of your children agreed that for a year you could pay $300 a month in child support instead of $600. Unless your Decree is modified, your former spouse can come back and demand that money at a later date. Remember that it is important to have all changes approved by the court.


Income Withholding

In some cases, it may be appropriate to seek income withholding or garnishment of wages in order to get your child support payment. This means that your child support is deducted from the other party’s pay before they receive it. This can also be a way to receive past child support payments that were not made.


Child support must be paid until the child is 19, becomes self-supporting (moves out of the home and can support themselves financially), or is married. At the Zwiebel Law Firm, we are eager to help you achieve a divorce settlement that is beneficial to you in every way. Contact us today either online or at 205-623-1001.

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