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mom-1312767_640Perhaps one of the best gifts a family can give is adoption. Thousands of children in the United States are waiting for loving families. Whether you are pursuing a private adoption, the adoption of a stepchild or grandchild, or a foster care adoption, it is essential to have legal representation.

In order to adopt a child in Alabama, you must be able to provide adequate housing in a good environment. A home study will be conducted to ensure that your home is appropriate for a child. You also must consent to a complete background check, including criminal history. You must be in good physical and psychological health and be over 19 years of age.

The adoption process can be complex and emotionally-charged. Having an advocate on your side will be helpful as you move through the adoption process. We have handled many adoptions, and can clearly explain to you what will happen each step of the way. We can help you be prepared for any potential roadblocks and give you ways to avoid them, whenever possible.

Pursuing an out of state adoption or an adoption from another country add an extra level of complexity. In addition to following the state laws of Alabama, you must also follow laws from another state or even another country. We can help prepare you and represent you to help your adoption proceed as smoothly as possible.

If you are interested in pursuing an Alabama adoption, contact us today either online or at 205-623-1001.

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