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To win any divorce case is determined on what the definition of "win" is to you. Every case is different and every outcome is determinative on the case itself. One good rule of thumb is to always listen to your attorney. Your attorney lives day-in and day-out in divorce court. They have their finger on the "pulse" of what is happening in the court room. At our law firm, we stay abreast of the current laws through CLE classes and just keeping our ear to the ground. Knowing how to advise our clients is our number one priority. Giving sound advice comes with years of practice and learning with each new experience instead of disregarding it.
Clients often think their case is unique and does not fit the "normal framework" of the typical divorce. While that is true in some instances, it is very often not true. Every case has aspects that can be carried over into other cases. Listening to advice that your attorney gives you will give you the biggest advantage over the other side.

Attorneys like to give positive results. Attorneys that practice in family law and divorce regularly are well versed in what actions to take. Always ask first prior to hiring an attorney if their practice is primarily in divorce, child custody or child support. That is important. Being familiar with the divorce judges and their procedures can go a long way in winning your case.  We have many resources on our site at

At The Zwiebel Law Firm, we practice in divorce courts around the counties of Jefferson, St. Clair, Shelby, Cullman, Tuscaloosa and Bessemer cutoff. Having selected those areas as our locations to practice keeps us informed on the procedures and rules that affect our clients' cases. Knowing the judge's courtroom gives us the information needed to save our client's money and get them results.

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