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Collecting your money after divorce.

Following the end of your divorce, a judge may award a party a money judgment for various things.  There could be attorney fees, alimony, child support, a moneyproperty settlement, or portion of retirement accounts, etc.  It is vital that the attorney you hire is able to collect those sums for you.  During the interview process or consultation, a good question to ask is do you ask for reimbursement of attorney fees?  And if I get any sort of money judgment, are you able to use your efforts to collect those awards?  A money judgment is only worth what can be collected.  Chasing your money can be a daunting task for any client.  You don't want the award to be a worthless piece of paper that says you get an amount that you will never see materialize in your checking account.  There are various ways an attorney can get the money.  When the case is over, the collection of any money given has just begun.  Discovery of accounts, employment and investments are typically uncovered during the case that can be used to collect any money award given.  Don't just let your on a piece of paper just sit around and collect dust.  My job does not end with the Final Judgment.  If a client receives a money judgment following the end of a case, I will typically begin discussions of how we can collect that for each client.  I have had several clients come to me years after receiving a piece of paper that has a their financial award on it and ask me how do they make it worth what it says.  Those are the fun cases because it is rare the client knows that interest and the amount of court filing fees used to collect it can be recouped during the collection process.  Then that piece of paper becomes worth even more to them.  Being a full service firm that handles your case from start to finish that includes collection of any judgments makes our clients happy.  The emotional roller coaster of a divorce becomes somewhat lessened when the client is able to collect the money awarded to them by a judge.  Whether it is reimbursement for attorney fees, child support, alimony, a property settlement, or retirment funds, we are here to help you collect.  Call us 205-623-1001.  We can discuss all options available to you.

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